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Healthy and efficientMuscle StimulatorBody SlimmingScientific Body SculptingLazy fitnessIntelligent air cooling systemOptional operation mode: manual mode + automatic mode4 handles for different treat

Detailed introduction

Healthy and efficient

Muscle Stimulator

Body Slimming

Scientific Body Sculpting

Lazy fitness

Intelligent air cooling system

Optional operation mode: manual mode + automatic mode

4 handles for different treatment sites 

HIFEM technology (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) enables muscle treatment to reach 20,000 "super muscle exercises" at one time, stimulates fat cell super-fast metabolism, strong fat decomposition, and promotes muscle strengthening and growth, muscle gain + fat dissolving, in one step.

2. How many times is a course of treatment? How often do you do it at intervals?

Usually 6 times a course of treatment, 2 times a week, 30 minutes each time (to avoid menstrual period) after a course of treatment, 19% Reduction in Fat, 16% Increase in Muscle Mass.

Model: MH61

1. Magnetic Vibration Intensity : 1-10 Tesla

2. Input Voltage : AC110V-220V

3. Output Power : 4000 W

4. Pulse Duration : 300Us

5. Output Frequency : 1-100Hz

6. Fuse : 20A

7. Cooling System : Air Cooling

8. Color Touch Screen : 10.4’’

Dimension: 58*65*147

Weight : 85KG


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