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808nm Diode Laser For Hair RemovalFor Your Hairless LifeHigher Peak PowerStronger Contact CoolingSmart Sensing SystemFor all color hairs.In-motion Treatment.Proven safety record20,000,000 shots for la

Detailed introduction

808nm Diode Laser For Hair Removal

For Your Hairless Life

Higher Peak Power

Stronger Contact Cooling

Smart Sensing System

For all color hairs.

In-motion Treatment.

Proven safety record

20,000,000 shots for laser lifetime

By incorporating multiple laser wavelengths and technologies ,Diode laser allows practitioners to treat the widest range of patients and hair types all year round ,administer treatments quickly and comfortable and achieve the best possible clinical result.

755nm: For the widest range of hair types and color

808nm:  Fastest and most effective hair removal

1064nm: Specialized for darker skin types

Model : 808-N

Laser type : Diode laser

Laser Wavelength : 808nm, 808nm/755nm/1064

Display: 10.4 inch TFT Touch screen

Laser power : 1000W

Rated input power : 1500W

Pulse Duration : 1-400ms

Energy : 1-120j/cm2

Sport size : 12*18mm

Repetition frequency : 1-10HZ

Temperature of probe : -5C-5C

Cooling : Water+Air+Semiconductor

Dimension: 56*56*52

Weight :  40KG


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