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Mico-Needle Fractional RF SystemHight Treatment EffectLess PainLess DowntimeSkin tightening & Face liftingWrinkle & Line treatmentScar,Acne scar,Stretch marksPore tighteningRF Needle System is to help

Detailed introduction

Mico-Needle Fractional RF System

Hight Treatment Effect

Less Pain

Less Downtime

Skin tightening & Face lifting

Wrinkle & Line treatment

Scar,Acne scar,Stretch marks

Pore tightening

RF Needle System is to help would healing as well as dermal improvement by interfusing Micro needle into the dermis,directly transmitting the high frequency energy and to rearrange collagen and elasticity

It improves large pore ,acne scars and skin drooped with destroyed collagen layer in the dermis by accurately radiating high frequency thermal energy to destroyed dermis layer without damaging the epidermis 

Heal stimulated fibroblasts -Produce collagen - Increased collagen - Dermal remodeling

By radiating high frequency heat through insulated microneedle ,it contracts , coagulates , necrotizes the collagen layer in dermis Through the natural healing process , dermal remodeling can be achieved

Model :  HC3-F

RF Frequency : 2MHZ/5MHZ

Total energy : Level 1-10 adjustable (10-120mj/pin adjustable)

Tips: Invasive /Non-Invasive

Tips Pin: 25 pins 49 pins and Non-Invasive

Depth: 0.1-4.0 adjustable

Tip Size : 15*15mm

Display: 15.6-inch touch screen

Dimension :  52*50*39

Weight: 28KG


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