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Fractional CO2 LaserWith Vaginal ApplicatorFor Your Happy LifeEasier Operating SystemSmaller Beam SizeMore efficient & comfortableAll In One SystemImported Laser ArmQuality Ultra-Pulse TechnologyVagin

Detailed introduction

Fractional CO2 Laser

With Vaginal Applicator

For Your Happy Life

Easier Operating System

Smaller Beam Size

More efficient & comfortable

All In One System

Imported Laser Arm

Quality Ultra-Pulse Technology

Vaginal Applicator

10,600nm wave is belong to far-infraed radiation that has high absorption of water and generates heat.It absorbs to high water content as well as incises ,evaporates, and coagulates tissue with water .CO2 laser can shoot with high accuracy due to low reflection and scattering .

This equipment has the newest RF tube ,and its hand piece can be exchanged for various purposes allowing for both CO2 fractional laser and ultra - pulsed CO2 laser procedures.

It is an advanced conceptual device for gynecological treatment by stimulating collagen within vaginal mucous membranes ,which makes vagina canal more elastic after the procedure to improve symptoms of urinary incontinence and other lesions in the vagina (vaginitis ,vaginal dryness ,etc )by using SUI hand piece (Stress Urinary Incontinence) and VR Handpiece (Vaginal Rejunvenation)

Vaginal tightening ,elasticity increasing

Collagen remodeling of vaginal tissue

Treatment of insufficient vaginal secretion

Vaginal anti inflammatory,developing immunity

Remission of vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence

Model : MD6

CO2 laser source : RF laser Tube (Coherent Optinal)

Wavelength: 10,57 um-10.63um

Laser Power: 40W

Dispaly: 10,4inch TFT Touch Screen

Power of the Aiming Beam : ≤5mW

Laser Operating Mode : UItra Pulse ,Fractional

Scanning Mode: Free scan, Sequence scan,Maximum distance scan

Scan Area : 1*1 -20*20mm

Beam Mode :  TEM00<1.1M2

Beam Divergence Angle : 0.3 mrad

Spot Size : 0.1mm

Spot Pattern : Circle / Triangle / Square / Rectangle /Rhombus /Line

Beam Delivery : 7-joint articulated arm

Aiming Beam: 635nm infrared ray

Cooling System: Air

Power requirements : AC220V 50Hz /110V

Dimension: 144*69*74

Weight : 95KG

Accessories: Vaginal probes :360 full-angle

                     VR HP

                    SUI HP

                    CO2 HP:f =50mm,f=100mm


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